Did Lightning Hit Your Home And Now Your Appliances Do Not Work?

When you know your house was hit directly by lightning, call the fire department immediately. It is commonplace for lightning to start fires in your house’s attic and inside your walls.

A cloud-to-ground lightning high bolt will find the path of least resistance once it hits your house to the ground. As the power lightning goes through your house, it will destroy everything in its path and even cause it to start a fire. This can include electric wires, phone cable, cable TV/internet lines, water and gas pipes, metal hardware like gutters, downspouts, and metal window frames.

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We take immediate action to find the best solution to your current situation. Our primary goal is to help you protect your assets whatever it takes and do everything in our power. We put to use our expertise to make sure all your electrical installations and upgrades are the safest, with the highest quality.

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Proper installation and maintenance are quite essential for the wellbeing of your home. With our qualified team of electricians, we provide the best electrical solutions in New Jersey.

Be it a regular service call or the construction of your new dream house, we take pride in helping our customers who we count like our family. We earn our jobs by respecting your time, budget, and property.

How To Determine If Your Wiring Needs Maintenance?

If you want to know more about the state of your electrical wiring, here is a tip that will help you decide if you need to take quick action.

Keep in mind, if it looks messed up, there is a huge chance your wiring has not been dealt with professionally since the previous electrician installed it the first time. If your electrician installed the wiring properly, the wires would never go loose on their own. They also remain properly aligned in their designated spaces. High voltage wires are always sealed in insulators to avoid unexpected electrocution or any other accident. Our professional electricians follow a pattern in wiring that reflects good installation practices. Mostly high voltage wires are present behind walls. These walls serve as insulators. It enables the area to look tidy and the people living in the surroundings safe.

Proper electrical installations include clear wire labeling along with tags. This may include connection jacks and other fixtures. A professionally handled wiring will include different colors because it helps to determine the function of each wire. When wires are color-coded, it helps the electrician make a quick decision during any maintenance job. Maintenance is a prerequisite for efficiency.

Periodic Checks Are Important

Homeowners must never hesitate from conducting a yearly audit to check for
simple faults. It is crucial for quality control. The two most common red flags that show you need to call professional electricians are:

  • Previous history of overheating appliances
  • Damage or scratches on the surface of electrical connections

Are Overloaded Circuits Dangerous?

Yes, an overloaded circuit will continuously trigger the circuit breaker, cutting off power to that particular part of your home. They also carry the risk of starting a fire.

How Does Rewiring Help?

A responsible homeowner will act swiftly. Rewiring ensures your safety as well as the safety of your property. The need to rewire may arise due to faulty and out of date wiring. If you spot any irregular wiring spots seek professional help as soon as possible.

Benefits Of Electrical Maintenance:

  • Routine Electrical checkup can save lives
  • It protects your expensive belongings
  • Professional electrical maintenance will reduce your energy cost

When It’s Time To Call Professional Electrical Service Providers For Your Home?

Following is a list of alarming situations. If you are witnessing any of these in your house, seek professional help as soon as possible:

Tripping Circuit Breakers

A properly functioning circuit breaker cuts off the flow when it exceeds a specific number of amps.  However, if this occurs frequently, then it’s time to check. Frequent tripping is a signal of poor wiring and overloaded circuits.

Dimming Lights And Flickering

When a light brightens it means it is receiving a good amount of voltage whereas if it dims it is a sign of low voltage. There could be a fault with the light itself, however, this type of spike or decline in power can also be a result of loose or faulty wiring.

Burning Of Light Bulbs

You may witness the burning of light bulbs in their sockets. This is mainly caused by fluctuations in voltage. Lights are the most visual sign that a household needs rewiring.

Regular Occurrence Of Blown Fuses

The growing amount of electrical appliances and technological gadgets do not get well with old-style fuses. They can’t take the weight of electricity blowing. If your fuse blows regularly, it’s time to upgrade them to a modern and higher capacity circuit breaker

Electric Shock On Touching A Cord

Electrical Shocks are jolts and life-threatening. If there are children in the house, you must not leave cords or wires in this state. You must contact a trained and professional electrician right away.

Sparking Outlets

Sparking outlet can be an indication of an underlying problem. If they are short-circuiting and excessive heat is building up within the outlet, it can result in melting of insulations. They can also cause electrical fires if you leave them exposed.

Outdated Cabling

If your property is a couple of decades old, it is at risk of outdated cabling and poor wiring. It is time you switch to present electrical safety standards.

Porcelain Fuses

Many people are unaware of porcelain fuses. You will need a professional home safety inspection to be sure. These pre-date modern circuit breakers are an obvious sign that your wiring needs an upgrade.

Relying On Extension Cords

If you are continuously relying upon extension cords it is a typical sign that your house needs re-wiring. It’s time you place additional sockets in your most used living areas.

Discolored Switches Or Outlets

Discolored or charred electrical outlets and switches need rewiring if there is continuous sparking in the outlets. Loose connections often result in sparking and may cause a small fire. Often this fire will leave discoloration on the surface. It is highly important to rewire such switches as soon as possible.

A Faint Smell Of Burning

In most cases, if an electrical short circuit occurs near your switches, it will cause a faint smell of burning. If you notice any smell and are unable to figure out where it is coming from, it could occur behind your walls or underneath the floors.

Power Fluctuations

Power fluctuations are mostly caused by loose wirings. Other causes include overloaded sockets or small conductors that are carrying power to your residence.

Importance Of Electrical Maintenance

Proper installation and thorough maintenance are a very important component of our professional tasks.

Homeowners must never compromise in this area as it has a drastic impact on the value of your property.

Even a minor fault can result in great damage. Therefore, for safety, we advise you to let the professionals check your house wiring and identify potential hazards.

Proper Installation And Maintenance Is A Guarantee Of Your Safety

We offer a wide range of electrical services including:

  • GFCI Installation
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Whole House Surge Protection
  • Switch And Outlet Installation
  • Aluminum Wire Repair Or Replacement
  • Outdoor Or Landscape Lighting
  • Installing Electrical Car Chargers
  • Security Lighting
  • General Lighting Fixtures
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Efficiency Installations
  • Home Automation System Installation
  • Fuse To Breaker Change-Outs
  • Electrical Appliance Installations
  • Electrical Design And Construction
  • Troubleshooting And Repairs
  • Recess Lighting
  • Service Upgrades
  • Generators
  • Electrical Basement Remodeling
  • Parking Site Lighting
  • Smoke Detectors

Solutions For All Your Electrical & Power Needs

Tactical Power Services is here to take care of all your electrical problems. Our experts have performed countless house rewires. They conduct work with the best grade of certification. We provide the best and most pocket-friendly electrical services in New Jersey. Our electricians strive to supply our valued customers with the most modern solutions and a hassle-free experience.

Whether it is a single-family house or a multi-family home, our company gets all your residential power needs covered. We know how much you love your home and how close it is to your heart. That is why our teams will never compromise on quality.

Our clients as our family members. You will find our electricians to be highly professional yet friendly. We understand your requirement in detail before commencing any job. Our team’s electricians are trained to take a personal interest in every project they do. They will study the requirements in detail, apply their knowledge and guide you to the best of solutions.

Providing The Best Electrical Solutions Is Not Only Our Business, It's Our Passion!


Our staff does not treat your project as a job. They consider it as a responsibility, and take pride in serving our customers as family.


From Electrical layout to design, from wiring installations to re-wiring, our company can cover it all.


If you are looking for electrical up-gradation or energy audits, don’t hesitate to reach.


No job is too small. Even most minor jobs come with our one-year warranty. Our commitment is to always meet your budget, timeline, and expectations 100 % of the time.


Our specialization in electrical contracting perfects our skills at everything from complex installations and wirings to project management and making a thorough audit.


From modern high-tech home management and connectivity options to emergency power backups and efficient energy usage, you can trust our skill and expertise to reward you with the best solutions.


If you are ready for a positive experience, schedule an appointment today.

Why You Need Certified Electricians?

Electrical repairs at home can be dangerous. Sometimes even something as simple as replacing an electrical outlet can risk your life.

Research data reveals that electrical shocks and injuries are responsible for around 1,000 deaths in the US annually. Out of these approximately 400 fatalities were the result of high voltage.  Furthermore, around 20% of electrical injuries occur in children.

These numbers are alarming and strongly advocate that you must always seek a professional electrician for any power-related issues.

This saves you, your family, and your property.

If you are having any trouble with the electric system at your residence or you need electrical repair, the best people to help you in New Jersey are here.

Our electricians are fully licensed and insured. They have also gone through proper background checks.

We possess the skill, knowledge, and experience to tackle any electrical repair or installation job with ease.

To Learn More About Our Professional Services In Howell, New Jersey

Sometimes people underestimate how much an electrician can contribute to the value of your home. From installing lighting fixtures to full-scale electrical design for your newly constructed dream house or a remodel project, our certified electricians can keep your home up and running. They will help you keep the health of your electrical system in excellent condition with routine inspections and service upgrades.

Trusted Electrician Can Help You Get The Most Of Your Home

Our mission is to improve upon the functionality and wellbeing of your home and increasing your energy efficiency simultaneously.

How Annual Inspections Can Benefit You In The Long Run?

The main purpose of an electrical inspection is to safeguard your system. It helps to identify any weak points or repair issues. With time, some parts wear out, and technology changes. This is why an annual inspection is necessary.

Energy-Saving System & Electric Chargers

Electrical cars are becoming very common these days. We understand that owning an electric vehicle can be challenging if you do not have a charging station at home. We care, and will never want you to drive around searching for a station, only to have you sit and wait for it to charge up.Our professional service providers have extensive experience installing electric charger stations at residential buildings.

Thinking about the planet is the most important thing for all of us. It shouldn’t be a burden and that is why we are here to make this easy for you. Our commitment to a cleaner planet enables us to understand the changing needs of our times and cater accordingly.

This means you can plug your car in at your home and wake up to a fully charged car.

Our experts can help you with:
  • An assessment of your electrical system
  • Selecting the right car charger
  • Upgrading panels that can accommodate car chargers

Our highly trained electricians will make your journey to energy efficiency easier.

Book The Best Electrical Charger Installation Services In Howell, New Jersey Right Now!

Generator Installation, Repairs & Maintenance

Hurricanes, tornados, fires, and storms can easily disrupt your power supply system. Generators offer a backup source of power when your home is left in the dark.

Here are some benefits of having a generator at your home.

  • Your power supply is on when there is an outage.
  • Eliminates the need to seek an alternate residence during a power outage.
  • Operates safely during the time of a natural disaster.
  • Provides peace of mind when you know your home is a haven for your loved ones.
  • You can use all major appliances, heating or cooling systems, computers, etc.

The most important service category an electrician provides is a service upgrade. A higher capacity main panel upgrade helps you in keeping your home protected from electrical fires and circuit overload as it enables your residential power system to handle new technological devices. By updating wiring to adding outlets, service upgrade keeps your home running in the best possible way.

Why A Security Lighting System Is Important For Your Residential Property?

There has always been a trend to install bright and high voltage globe lights in the front and back yards of a residential building.

It was a common perception that these huge lights will prevent criminals from sneaking up on homeowners during the night. However, experts have a contrary view on this matter. Research  shows that simply over lighting a backyard or any side of your home does little to discourage a criminal. Bright light may even help the burglars find easy access to these places. The solution to this problem is strategically placing and aiming the floodlights or spotlights where they will startle. In this way, they will at least temporarily blind any intruder and in the meantime alert you. Expert electricians at Tactical Electrical Services have been designing and installing security lighting setups in New Jersey for the past three years. Our teams will design the perfect strategy to install a crime prevention lighting scheme that will keep you and your property always safe.

Here Are Some Tips You Must Consider When Installing Security Lighting:

The prime objective of a security light source is to suddenly fill any dark spot with light. This will result in forcing the criminal to retreat and leave your home alone. Our professional teams study the area around your home and identify the most criminal prone areas. The next step is to strategically place the lights. They especially consider entry and exit points.

Dark areas are the favorite spots for intruders to hide. Typically, these hiding spots are shrubs and huge bushes. However, strategically positioned motion-sensing spotlights and floodlights can make these spots useless for criminals.

Our Professional Electricians Are A Call Away If You Need Any Advice On New Models

We suggest always install two head floodlights with sensors and motion detectors and a photocell. The photo cells save energy by guaranteeing that light only comes out when it’s dark, and the motion detector only trips when it senses movement in the vicinity.

Sometimes Motion sensors can be tricky because they can’t always differentiate between a criminal movement and a neighbors’ pet. They may even confuse wind blowing through a shrub with an actual intruder. Fortunately, the latest technology has overcome this limitation. The latest models of motion-sensing flood lights and spotlights come with sensitivity settings that can get closer to making the light turn on only when a human passes by the sensor.

Modern devices also come with a manual switch. This helps the owner switch off the motion sensor if the light keeps coming on for no reason. However, a homeowner must remain vigilant as a criminal can use this to their advantage.

Motion-sensing security lighting can also be a convenience for homeowners and their pets aside from just preventing intruders. These lights can also help when a pet has to make a night-time excursion or if some member of your family returns home late at night.

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